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… Smaller glasses, drinking out of his glass and then driving your husband home. Do you recognise yourself? Is it socially acceptable to order a beer at the bar instead of Prosecco? Answer: Isn't it time to abandon those old clichés about male and female roles?
Considering the fact that in ancient Egypt and even in the early Middle Ages brewing beer was very much a woman's job, it is surprising that so few woman have learned to enjoy beer. In my courses I aim to arouse women's enthusiasm for the subject as well. right
Hildegard von Bingen was the first to report the calming and stabilising influence of hops in beer; and Martin Luther got his wife Katharina von Bora to brew his favourite beer and send it to him wherever he happened to be. Nowadays is it usually men who brew the beer and women are permitted to drink it – an example of “emancipation” in reverse! left

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