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Born in the shadow of the Gallnerberg mountain in Lower Bavaria, I grew up surrounded by traditions. I became aware of my love for my home region during a lengthy visit to Ireland, the “Emerald Isle”. It was there that I discovered my love of the dry stout known as GUINNESS.

It was this visit that opened my eyes and ears to the world of beer! I realised that the women from the “Bayerischer Wald” have always enjoyed drinking beer. It remains a part of our culture to this day and explains my passion for beer.

In beer, it is the balance between the ingredients – hops and malt – that plays a major role. And what I like best about beer is the study of the harmonious effect they produce. right

I love all kinds of beer and wanted to learn more about the product whose variety seems to reflect the motto “Live and let live”. Each beer has its own individual character, which in turn reflects the country in which it is drunk.

It is time to trace an arc from the tavern niche to sophisticated beer culture. Let beer enrich your private celebration or add an exclusive note to your corporate event:

With my professional support, take time to find your own personal way to enjoy beer!  left

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